Independence for seniors, peace of mind for families.

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Photo of seniors in their home with family and the PillPez Home Health Hub.

Independence for seniors, peace of mind for families.

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Remind. Encourage. Inform.
Your Home Health Hub.

PillPez helps seniors and loved ones live independently by staying on medication regimens, monitoring health conditions, and providing emergency help when needed. Utilizing strip packaged prescriptions filled by pharmacies across the nation, PillPez eliminates pill sorting and pill box filling, improves patient engagement, and connects patients to care from the comfort of home.

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A simple solution to complex problems.

PillPez makes home care easy by reminding patients to take action, encouraging adherence, and informing loved ones or care teams if something is wrong.

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Meds and More

Medication made easy. Gentle reminders encourage adherence and report lapses.  Never miss your meds again.

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Connected Care

Quality care delivered from home. Simple vital signs monitoring assures patients someone is watching out for their health and well being.

Icon representing "Peace of Mind"

Peace of Mind

Get help at the press of a button. PillPez onboard mobile emergency response connects loved ones with emergent and clinical care.  

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Independence and peace of mind. PillPez makes aging in place safely at home a reality. Seniors thrive knowing they are in control and have a safety net in case they need it.

Icon representing "Families"


Reduce the stress and burden of care.  PillPez helps mom remember her medications, is there when she needs help, and lets you know when something is wrong.

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A care plan that works.Coupling medication adherence with biometric data gives critical insights in real time, reducing hospitalizations and improving outcomes.

Collage of photos showing home care worker demonstrating the PillPez device.


Purpose built for independent living.

Icon representing "Medication Management"

Medication Management

Medication reminders, package dispensing, adherence reporting.

Icon representing "Emergency Response"

Emergency Response

On Board Personal Emergency Response with clinically focused call center.

Icon representing "Vital Signs Monitoring"

Vital Signs Monitoring

PillPez connects wireless meters to the cloud for clinical care from home.

Icon representing "Wireless Freedom"

Wireless Freedom

Plug and go. No phone line or mobile device required.

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PillPez By The Numbers

PillPez solves the most challenging issues facing families and healthcare.


Seniors who are
non-compliant with prescription drug orders.

41 Million

Number of unpaid caregivers in the US.

$160 Billion

Medication prescribed, but not taken.

5.5 Million

Patients readmitted due to insufficient follow on care

A screenshot of the user interface of the PillPez Home Health HubPhoto of a happy senior couple.

About PillPez

PillPez has a passion for helping others, removing barriers and improving outcomes. For a decade we delivered telehealth solutions to thousands of customers. We saw caregivers and patients become frustrated while using multiple systems with complex instructions from different manufacturers. We knew there had to be a better way. Our vision was to align technology with patients, creating a single "hub" to enable individual care at home. We created a single solution to address independent living and chronic disease management. Our medication management system eliminates the errors and expense of pill sorting. PillPez helps users stay on schedule while keeping families and care teams in the know.  Our original vision has finally become a reality.

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